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Angiology and Vascular Surgery in Portugal
Minimally invasive vascular surgery

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Angiology & Vascular Surgery

Specialists in angiology and vascular surgery play a significant role in the various clinical stages leading to diagnosis and treatment of peripheral vascular diseases.

Arterial Pathologies

Symptoms and signs, diagnosis and treatment of arterial diseases, overwhelmingly dominated by one disease: atherosclerosis

Venous Pathologies

A professional dedicated to manage and improve the care of patients with the entire spectrum of venous diseases in Lisbon and other portuguese cities.

Lymphatic Diseases

Treat disorders, like Lymphoedema that directly affect the components of the Lymphatic System, is crucial to keeping a healthy body.

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Minimally invasive surgery

  • Minimally invasive vascular surgery
      Although Dr. Augusto Ministro is seasoned expert in both open surgical and minimally invasive treatments, he prefers to take a minimally invasive approach whenever possible because of the benefits it can offer to the patients, including less pain, scarring, and recovery time, and decreased risk of infection and complication.

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Doctor profile

  • Dr. Augusto Ministro
    Specialist in Angiology and Vascular Surgery by the Portuguese Board of Physicians. Dr. Augusto Ministro held his medical training at the Medical School - University of Lisbon....

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